How to Compare Hotels - Things to Consider

29 May

Booking a hotel is easier today because there are many tools you can use, aside from so many hotels to choose from. The problem is when things become confusing because there's just too much on your plate at one. Of course, you'll always want the best hotel deal, but the only way of knowing which is best is through comparison.

The question is, how do you compare hotels? What exactly do you consider?

1. Price

Price is almost always the first thing people think of when comparing hotels (or even any product or service). Of course, your final choice shouldn't be based on price alone, but this is big factor nonetheless. Obviously, you can't choose a hotel you can't afford. So do consider the prices of the hotels you're comparing, but remember what comes with the rate too. If one hotel is $20 more expensive than another, it can still be a good deal if it offers free breakfast and parking, and the other doesn't. Also check for discounts and special promos. Your individual savings may be small, but if you're going as a group, it can add.

2. Location

Location matters because it dictates how much time you'll spend traveling to your hotel and back. You don't want to spend half of your trip in a car or bus.
A hotel's daily rate may be cheaper, but if you have to cover miles to get there and back, the slightly more expensive hotel downtown may be less expensive overall.

3, Ambiance

Ambiance can be another good point of comparison because your hotel stay  
plays a huge part in your total travel experience.Before choosing a place to stay, research its ambiance online. Nowadays, there is nothing can't know as long as you're patient enough to find what you want. Even if you're thinking safari hotels or treehouse hotels. Check to learn more.

4. Amenities

Of course, the amenities are something you'd be interested in, especially if you'll be staying for a while and you have specific needs. For example, if you still have to check work emails, make sure the Wi-Fi connection is reliable. Again, all the information you need is online. Check for more info.

5. Customer Service

Nothing's worse than a seemingly perfect hotel, until you talk to their staff and feel unappreciated, if not offended or just plain annoyed. Check out travel sites and pay attention to customer reviews. All else being equal, the quality of a hotel's customer service can be a good tiebreaker. Check for other references.

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